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Promooman won the tender of the Ministry of Tourism of Sultanate of Oman to manage, operate and marketing Al Hoota Cave nationally, regionally and internationally.  

Being the very first tourists’ cave in the Gulf region, Al Hoota Cave is a popular destination during weekends and other holidays.

The Cave: Estimated to be over 2 million years old, Al Hoota Cave is located at the foot of Jabal Shams,in Al Hamra district. The cave was first opened to receive tourist on the in November 2006 during 17th National Day, after setting walkways, stairs and a light system to make the cave an enjoyable and safe experience for visitors.  It is the first and only show cave in the Gulf area, which is accessible to the general public..

Geological Exhibition: contains three main parts: the early geology of Oman from about 800 millions years until the young sediments, the cave developments and the life inside Al-Hoota cave and outside the cave. The exhibition showcases of over 150 items of rocks, wood, corals and other materials.

Gift Shop: Karma gift shop sells handmade Omani merchandise from souvenirs to potteries and Omani carpets weaved from palm tree leaves, Al Hoota Cave chocolate and many more promotional items to memorize the visit to the Cave.  

Restaurant: One of the most famous restaurants in the area, “Zajal Restaurant” serves Lebanese, Omani and International cuisine, providing a relaxed and warm atmosphere with both indoor and outdoor unique sitting areas.

ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is the world’s largest developer and publisher of International Standards.  In March 2009, PromoOman LLC has established & implemented the Integrated Management System for Al Hoota Cave Project complying with the requirements of:

- ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System for the implementation of principles that achieve customer satisfaction.

- ISO 14001:2004 Environment Management System for the effective protection of its environment and business continuity.

- Al Hoota Cave Project is ISO certified by Bureau VERITAS. Last ISO audit was successfully passed in December 2012; certificate re-issued

A part of ISO certification requirements is to conduct an environmental aspects & impact study, and update it on a yearly basis, highlighting all activities, aspects, impact of activities, current controls, residual effects and further controls. In addition, PromoOman had released an emergency response and disaster recovery plan in February 2009, detailing means to prevent, prepare for and recover from any environmental issue that takes place at the project.

Al Hoota Cave is a proud member of the International Show caves Association (I.S.C.A.) since 2008. I.S.C.A. was founded in November 1990 and set up its central office in Genga, Italy. We are being updated with all the news through cave associations around the world and participated at some of its conferences.

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